Why vaporizing is better than smoking

Posted by: admin on: April 1, 2012

Most people like to smoke because of the active, stimulating substances that are obtained when plant material like tobacco is burned. Combustion is an essential part of this process; tobacco or other plant matter must be burned in order for the active substances like nicotine to be delivered to the user. Unfortunately, combustion also produces smoke as a side effect, which is of course inhaled into the lungs with the active ingredients reaching the bloodstream via the lungs. Not exactly a great trade off, right? Well, through using a vaporizer, it is possible to enjoy tobacco without having any combustion take place. Because vaporizing involves heating the plant material without actually burning it, users can enjoy tobacco minus the smoke – essentially, all you exhale is a small puff of water vapor.

 Vaporizing not only removes smoke and all the nasty, harmful substances in it like carbon monoxide, it also removes the smell and the dreaded second-hand smoke effects. The device can be used anywhere as the vapor emitted gives off little to no scent. Vaporizing tobacco heats the leaves to a high temperature but without carbonization taking place. This is enough to release airborne ingredients which a user can inhale. As it takes very little vapor to achieve this, using a vaporizer can save you a lot of money over time and has been shown to be very economical to  operate (*cigarettes aren’t cheap!).

 Vaporizers used to be large, bulky, tabletop items that required a three-pronged plug for operation. Thankfully, the technology has evolved to the point where the entire mechanism can be fit inside a small tube meant to simulate the appearance and feel of a real cigarette – an electronic, or “e-cigarette”.  These smokeless electronic devices don’t even require tobacco anymore either; many simply operate with a small plug-in cartridge, some of which contain nicotine and flavoring meant to emulate tobacco. You can buy electronic cigarettes in most cities, but may have to go out of your way to find them as the popularity is only now starting to increase. Starter kits are low cost and are available in many different styles. While some come in velvet cases and are meant to be perceived as classy; others are inexpensive and meant to look like any old cigarette in appearance. As the technology improves, we may reach a point where a disposable eCigarette is actually cheaper than a pack of the real thing.

 If you enjoy tobacco but are concerned with the smoke and long-term effects on your health, you may want to consider trying vaporizing as a safer alternative.

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